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Tangled Kids Dream Detangler Mini Brush - Black

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With the Dream Detangler™️ hair brushing no longer needs to be a painful, upsetting, or traumatising experience for anyone.

Designed with all hair types in mind, our Dream Detangler Brush™️ is perfect for all hair types – wet hair, dry hair, long hair, curly hair, fine hair and thick hair.

Gentle enough to use daily on Wigs and Hair Extensions.

The Dream Detangler™️ incorporates a mixture of 6 different hairbrushes and combs all rolled into the one brush!

The end result is a brush like no other which doesn’t rip, pull or break the hair and brushes without pain! Perfect for the most sensitive of heads. Did you know that brushing your hair stimulates the scalp which encourages hair growth?

Our revolutionary Dual Bristle Technology combines our Super-Flexi™️ bristles to gently detangle the hair paired with Synthetic Boar Bristles which reduces frizz, breakage and damage, helps distribute the hairs natural oils resulting in your hair looking healthier & shiny.  

Our Synthetic Boar Bristles replicate ALL the results achieved with Natural Boar Bristles but with no animals being involved in their manufacture. Our Bristles are ore durable, last longer and are easier to wash and care for.

Our Brushes are 100% Vegan, Designed and Packaged in Australia.

The Dream Detangler Brush™️ is the FIRST AND ORIGINAL Detangle Brush on the NDIS Approved Provider Register.