Dream Detangler Hair Brush Satin Bag

Dream Detangler Hair Brush Satin Bag

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Protect your brushes when you travel and keep dust, dirt, fluff and lint away from them.

To help keep your brushes in the best possible condition and make them last longer we highly recommend keeping them in this elegant black satin bag while travelling or when on the go!  

They also protects your brush from getting caught up in clothes and other 'random things' in your bag.  

Made from top quality satin, with a ribbon drawstring, this bag will help keep dirt, fluff, dust and lint off the bristles while your brush is in your handbag, suitcase, drawer or sports/swim bag.

The satin signature bag can fit comfortably one Dream Detangler Full Size Brush and/or a Mini Dream Detangler too.

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