Hide and Squeak Nesting Eggs

Get set for hours of fun with the Hide & Squeak Nesting Egg Set. Just like Matryoshka nesting dolls, these eggs vary in size, with cute little chicks inside! They can even be played with in the bath, with each shell doubling as a fun pouring cup.

These Hide & Squeak Nesting Eggs love coming out of their shells! That's because when they get together, they're a perfect fit. Kids will love the way the eggs top and bottom halves nest together. Each egg is a different size and colour. Each egg in the family has a distinct happy face that tells its own story. In the middle sits Sora, the yellow baby chick that squeaks when you press down! She fits inside into a shape-sorting heart shape! Nest the bases then match and stack the tops in turn to form one finished egg with all the others hidden inside (perfect for when it's time to put toys away). Or take them all apart and see if you can match all the pieces to make five eggs, plus the little squeaking Sora, the baby chick in her shell.

Plus you have the bonus of a bath time toy: all the pieces have been especially designed so that they love getting wet. There's lots of fun to be had using the shells as pouring cups: scooping up the water and letting it run through different patterned holes. Designed for little hands, this colourful set stimulates colour and shape recognition, sparks the imagination with role play, and fosters motor skills and confidence in water.

No batteries required.