Organising Life Beautifully Liquid Chalk Metallic Markers - 4 Pack

This marker has a reversible tip, one end is a bullet tip and the other is a chisel tip. The bullet tip is recommended for using on our magnets, it writes smoothly and looks fantastic. The chisel tip is perfect for a solid surface like glass or mirror.

Fine 3mm reversible bullet/chisel tip - we do not recommend using the chisel tip on magnet planners as they may leave an imprint behind.

  • Dust-free
  • Water-based non-toxic ink
  • High Visibility Neon Colour
  • Write wet and dry hard
  • Easiest to clean once the writing is dry
  • Easy to clean - chalk dissolves with water

Suggested uses

Write birthday wishes for your loved ones on a mirror or whiteboard (great for office birthdays)

Create some window art - get creative with mandala’s, patterns or perhaps botanicals.

Craft projects e.g. decorate rocks - great school holiday activity Party signs, write on table top chalkboards and place them on your tables, or draw unique illustrations, maybe have a board that your guests can write on.

Advertise your business - chalkboard quotes, special offers, product details etc.

Labels - grab some chalkboard vinyl stickers from a discount store and start labelling. With your chalk marker, you can change what is inside each container and easily wipe and rewrite if the writing starts to wear or looks untidy.