Merry Christmas- This is your Elf Card Books

Christmas really is a big deal for children . . . so send them more than a Christmas card with this wonderful picture book that is suitable to post. 

Every child wants to be on the good list . . . This lovely, illustrated children’s book is perfect to celebrate the important things in a child’s life at Christmas time. It starts by introducing the child to their elf and then their story begins.

Their elf loves playing with their toys, learning with them at their nursery or school, eating cake on their birthday, going on trips with them, laughing with their friends, watching TV with them, living at their home with them and, most of all, he loves being a secret part of the child's family.

After a year of research, the elf returns to the North Pole where Father Christmas decides which list the child is on . . . It’s not the naughty list or the good list as Father Christmas has had to invent a new list - the amazing list!

There’s space inside to write a personal message and each Merry Christmas This Is Your Elf book comes with a decorated envelope so that it can be easily posted. It will stand proudly as a Christmas card or sit neatly on a bookshelf to be shared time and time again. Family and friends will all enjoy reading this magical Christmas book with the child.

A great Christmas Eve gift, Merry Christmas This Is Your Elf will show a child that you care and get them very excited for Christmas.

Guide age range: 0-8 years.