MoYu Speed Cube - 4x4

MoYu Speed Cube - 4x4

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NEXT LEVEL SPEED CUBES: Test your wits and have fun in the process with this classic brain-scratcher, packed with an extra layer of challenge. Each side has four layers, making it even harder than a 3x3 cube.

BUILT FOR SPEED: Smoothly rotating faces and an anti-sticky corner cutting design makes this a cube built for speed and precision. Carbon Fibre stickers provide extra grip.

USE THE BEST: The current 3x3 speed cubing world record was done on a Moyu cube. They’re the world leader in competitive speed cubes with superior turning performance. 

EASILY FIXED: While this 6cm cube feels tough enough for anything, Moyu cubes are specially designed to be easily taken apart and put back together again. 

GREAT GIFT IDEA: The 4x4 Cube makes for the perfect gift for kids who want a new challenge or parents who loved their cube back in the day and want to relive the fun.

  • Type: 4x4x4 
  • Brand: Moyu 
  • Size: 6cm x 6cm x 6cm

This speed cube is made by Moyu the world leader in competitive speed cubes. The current 3x3x3 world record was done on a Moyu branded cube. 

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