MoYu Speed Cube - Skewb

MoYu Speed Cube - Skewb

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A NEW TWIST! The Skewb takes the classic cube formula and skews it to make something new and even more addictive. With colourful faces and unique patterns this is a cube you won’t forget. 

SUPERIOR DESIGN: Built from solid and safe materials, the Skewb Carbon Fibre Cube features smooth cornering, bright colours and a solid grip. 

FUN AND UNIQUE GIFT: This addictive puzzle is small, lightweight and easy to carry, making it the perfect gift for anyone who loves a challenge. 

BEAT THE COMPETITION: Moyu are the world leader in competitive speed cubes and offer superior turning performance.

DEVELOP NEW SKILLS: Solving this puzzle will help develop spatial awareness, memory retention and colour matching skills. It’s a great way to enjoy solving puzzles while learning new talents.

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