My Bed e Dry Waterproof Bed Set - Medium

The no-fuss, quick-change solution to night time accidents!

When your child wets their bed during the night, you want the change to be as quick and easy as possible, so that’s why we’ve come up with the My Bed e Dry™!

This three-product system works together to keep beds dry during toilet training and bedwetting. You will always have a spare bed pad under-head (quite literally), saving you valuable time at night. Made from luxuriously soft fabrics that are quiet and comfortable against the skin, the whole family will be asking for their own!

Remember, not only will your family fall in love with the My Bed e Dry™, the environment will too! Made from natural sustainable fabrics and free from chemicals, latex and PVC, the My Bed e Dry™ is the number one choice for the health conscious and planet lover. 

How does it work?

So simple to use yet so effective! To prepare for the night:

  1. Affix the two bed pads together via the press studs
  2. Position the pads on top of the fitted bottom sheet
  3. Attach the pillow (with included pillowcase) to the top bed pad
  4. Flip the top bed pad up and around the pillow (Stage 1 below).

If your child should wet through the night, here's how to change:

  1. Your child gets out of bed
  2. Un-clip the wet bed pad from the pillow and remove
  3. Fold down the second bed pad and smooth onto the bottom sheet (Stage 2 below).


An all-in-one, no-fuss, quick-change solution in under 10 seconds - it doesn’t get any easier than that.