My Body has a Bubble - By Nell Harris

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A story for understanding personal space...
But when you’re little, WHAT IS PERSONAL SPACE?

  • You know when yours has been invaded from the not so good feelings
  • It's so hard to imagine something that doesn’t physically exist, but exists emotionally
  • You haven’t developed the social cues yet of understanding others space
  • When you’re neurodivergent, those social cues are so hard or even IMPOSSIBLE to see
  • ‘Personal’ and ‘space’ are two pretty advanced adult words and terms
  • Bubbles are a great example of space within an allocated zone, and most kids LOVE BUBBLES! It gives a physical imagining to an invisible concept.

My Body has a Bubble is a book about personal space- in KIDS TERMS.
NO big words or acronyms that takes the child away from the story by asking ‘what does that mean?’

"My body has an invisible bubble.
I’m serious, it’s true!
Actually, everybody has an invisible bubble.
That’s right, even YOU'

This book has been designed as a conversation opener to talk about the importance of body bubbles, how to respect other peoples bubbles and how to look after your own.

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